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Our Warranty

Sometimes the successful growth of plants depends on conditions beyond our control. Therefore, prior to considering a return, we encourage you to seek our advice if your plant appears to be in distress. Our experienced team will recommend best practices, plant care, and planting procedures.

Please read carefully the full text below to see if your purchase qualifies for our warranty.


Conditions of Warranty


A plant that is warranted, carries the applicable warranty for a period of one (1) year. Should a plant die within its warranty period, upon return of the dead plant material and presentation of receipt, a credit note will be issued only once for the original purchase price. The customer must show proof that the plant was planted properly, in good condition, and provided the necessary care. Credit notes may be applied to any regular-priced item, and any item purchased with a credit note will not be warrantied. We will not be held responsible for any monetary amount greater than the original purchase price.


Exceptions to the Warranty:

  • Any indoor tropical plants are not warrantied due to their delicate nature and care requirements.

  • Annuals (inc. vegetables & herbs), water plants and patio plants are not warrantied

  • Discounted items are not warrantied

  • Any items purchased through an approved wholesale account is not warrantied

  • Bulk soils, mulches, and aggregates are not warrantied

  • Perennials, ornamental grasses and ground covers have a seasonal warranty from the date of purchase to the end of current calendar year

  • Trees with the caliper size of 50mm or larger are not warrantied 

  • Any Cedar varieties

  • Plant material that has been planted in containers is not warrantied

  • Sod is not warrantied


Returns or Exchanges:

Live plant material must be return or exchanged within 48 hours of purchase and must be in its original state and good health. Indoor/Tropical plants returns during the winter seasons are not acceptable.

Under no circumstance will an exchange or return be approved if the plant material has been previously planted.


Any non-plant products must be in original (unopened) condition and accompanied by receipt may be exchanged or returned within 14 calendar days for full refund.

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