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Delivery charges are extra,
Please contact us for delivery cost in your area 
Only one product per delivery
(exceptions if the customer wants to combine multiple soil materials)

Maximum load 5 Yard (soils & mulch) or 4 US ton (aggregate) per each delivery

Our soils & mulch is exclusively supplied by 


Visit for detailed soil specifications and product description



Garden Blend Soil

Our version of Triple Mix - but better. Garden Blend is 4-Way mix more stable and more nutrients full soil then standard Triple-Mix. Garden Blend is a rich planting soil formulated to provide optimal root growth to support and sustain healthy plants. It is best suited for creating new planting beds and planting in general. Garden Blend is stored in our coverall in dry conditioned and is available in stock for bulk pick-up, delivery and/or installation by blower truck.

​Soil Type:

Planting Soil

Physical Characteristics:

< 1” Mineral/Organic Soil

​Product Benefits:

  • Well balanced complete multi-purpose soil

  • Mineral and organic blend

  • Environmentally friendly alternative to heavy peat soils



Composted Pine Bark Fines / Mulch 

Processed from fresh pine bark and composted in a managed process.

​Product Appearance:

Rich dark brown/black in colour, appearing like rich dark soil.

​Product Benefits:

  • Rich dark colour provides contrast in planting bed, highlighting plants and flowers.

  • Excellent as a mulch or soil amendment

  • Enhances moisture retention

  • Suppresses weed growth

  • pH and organic matter improves soil

  • Produced from clean forestry by-products




Premium Compost

Our Premium Compost is leaf and yard waste screened to 1⁄2” and contains no food waste.
The compost has is dark brown/black in colour with an earthy smell.

Leaf and yard compost is typically used as a soil amendment or additive to growing media to increase organic matter and microbial activity. This in turn improves the water hold capacity, porosity and structure of the soil or growing media. The addition of compost also provides a source of slow release nutrients.


Certified Organic Living Soil Mix

This soil is packed with diverse microbiology which works to create a balanced soil ecosystem for your plants. Purelife Living Soil Mix contains a perfect blend of essential plant nutrients and high organic matter which work to benefit and strengthen plant growth. Just simply add water and watch as your plants experience the difference that our premium living soil mix has to offer!

Ingredients include organic worm castings, sphagnum peat, feather meal, bone meal, alfalfa mean, kelp meal, perlite, vermiculite, dolomite, zeolite, insect frass, black soldier fly frass, glacial rock dust, and mined potassium sulphate.

Certified Organic Worm Castings

Our premium organic earthworm castings work with your soil to promote plant growth and root structure. Our tote contains essential plant nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms which increase moisture retention and optimizes growth.


The castings can be used both indoor or outdoor for seed germination, seedling propagation, and on existing plants. We recommend creating a mixture that consists of 80%-85% of existing soil and 15%-20% of our premium organic castings. 

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