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Bosc Pear tree renowned for its unique appearance and exceptional flavor, the Bosc Pear tree is a cherished favorite among pear enthusiasts.

Characterized by its elongated neck and russeted brown skin, the Bosc Pear stands out for its distinctive appearance. Beneath its rough exterior lies tender, juicy flesh with a rich, honeyed flavor and firm texture, making it ideal for snacking, baking, or pairing with cheese.

This hardy tree typically reaches heights of 12-20 feet and thrives in temperate climates with full sun exposure and well-drained soil.

PREORDER - Bosc Pear Tree (7 GAL)

  • This is preorder. Items are scheduled to arrive during the 3-4 week of May. Our staff member will be contacting you as soon as product arrives. All preordered items must be picked up in person. If you wish your items to be delivered, please email as to arrange for delivery. Delivery charges are extra. Delivery charge will be quoted based on your location.

    All products must be planted immediately after pick-up.

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