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Assortment of Plants


Town Bloom Garden Centre is open all year. Visit our tropical showroom where we offer diverse selection of  indoor plants, plant care,  selection of ceramic, plastic and concrete planters.  
Email, phone or visit us in person to see how we can accommodate your plant dreams! 


Our showroom features over 200 varieties of tropical plants. Ask our trained staff to help you to select a perfect plant for any corner of your house and any special care requirements.

We also offer custom plant consultations, plant décor and in-house care services.

Our garden centre has deep ties with Ukraine. Our company's president was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

We have partnered with local Toronto nonprofit organization UAMS that raises funds, purchases medical supplies and organizes direct expedited shipments to Ukraine.

UAMS is run by our friends and family in Canada and on the ground in Ukraine. 

Please clink on Sunflower to go to their webpage and donate.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!


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